Help your employees during a period of transition,
and enhance your employer brand:
provide outplacement support

For a variety of reasons, organisations have to make decisions that affect employees’ jobs. Perhaps your company, or department, is relocating to reduce costs. Employees may decide, for family or other reasons, to accept redundancy instead of making a relocation move. In the current economic climate, you may even be forced to make redundancies.

When carrying out an outplacement or downsizing exercise, the best employers offer specialist support to affected employees. This assists individuals during what can be a difficult transition, enables HR departments and line managers to be more positive in their dealings with employees (both those who are leaving and those who are staying), and helps the organisation to maintain its employer-of-choice status.

Through coaching in CV development, interview techniques, networking, and more, Profile Careers can help employees find a positive way to deal with transition and change, and map a future that fits their competences, skills, interests and values.

We offer the following outplacement services:

  • One-to-one clinics – Each employee gets one hour of face-to-face time with a career counsellor
  • Outplacement workshops – Group career support and job-seeking advice
  • Executive outplacement programmes – For senior managers and directors

Clinics and workshops can be complemented by:

Comprehensive website support

Our supporting website offers in-depth advice on a wealth of career-related topics, including:

Careers Choices
  • Making Choices
  • Your Skills
  • Job Options
  • Career Change
  • Further Training
  • Volunteering
  • Self Employment
  • Returning to Work
  • Work Life Balance
Applying for Jobs
  • Job Options
  • Finding Jobs by Sector
  • How to use Recruitment Agencies
  • Your CV
  • Your Cover Letter
  • The Interview
  • Assessment Centres
  • Psychometric & Online Testing
  • Redundancy
Developing your Career
  • Getting Established
  • Building your Network
  • Developing your Skills
  • Further Training
  • Self Employment
  • Returning Home

Licences are available for one or more employees. Contact us for details.

Extra one-to-one career coaching

Our career coaching is delivered by a team of qualified and experienced career counsellors, by telephone, via Skype or in person, for maximum flexibility, at a time that suits the individual.

About our coaches


All this makes Profile Careers the number-one choice for organisations looking to support employees during outplacement or downsizing.

Our services come in a range of flexible, affordable options.
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